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How Many Skin Lightening Products Have You Tried Before?

Answer this simple question and ask yourself:

Am I getting the skin tone I desired?

You can practically get any skin lightening products whenever you need it. You have religiously committed yourself to several beauty regimen in the hope of brighter skin.

But why is your skin is not as bright and luminous as you want it to be?

Because brighter skin comes from within you, and not on the surface of your skin.

5 main reasons that caused dull and tanned skin

Beautiful radiant skin are often associated with vitality and youthfulness but dull and tanned skin often makes people question your health. Learn the common reasons to what leads to your dull and tanned skin.

Why does your skin appears lifeless even after countless products?

You might be a skin tone or two fairer, but your skin lacks luminosity and gives off a lackluster, dull appearance.

Dead skin cells accumulate on epidermis (upper layer of skin) and is held tight together by a form of glueing proteins called keratin. They cling on to your skin without shedding off, thus vitamins and minerals from topical application are barely penetrating through skin to fulfil any skin lightening effect. Moreover, genetic influences and continuous sun exposure without protection also makes your skin loses its radiance and glow.

What ingredients in ZÉLL-V Phytogreen help you achieve luminous skin?

The 100% certified organic beauty supplement contains several nutrients to support active cellular metabolism, quickens cells regeneration and growth of new cells for brighter and younger skin.

Vitamin A stimulates growth of epidermal cells to replace pigmented skin with new skin cells, enhancing more visible results of skin lightening.
As B vitamins are water-soluble and therefore not retained by the body, it is important that we take in enough of vitamin B-complex that remarkably reduces effects of aging in human skin. Vitamin B3 improves moisture retention of the upper most layer of the skin while vitamin B12 helps regulate skin’s pigment production and location, preventing hyperpigmentation – the darkening of skin in certain parts of your body.
To restrain melanin production, antioxidant is necessary to neutralize the free radicals that are produced when melanocytes are exposed to sun, thus narrowing down the possibility of melanin formation.
Vitamin E helps skin fight against melanin and restoration of tissues. Pigmented or damaged cells are replaced at a faster speed with the help of vitamin E, and it is also responsible in destroying the free radicals that accelerate skin issues.
Derived from blue-green algae in the deepest of sea, C-Phycocyanin is a protein with strong antioxidant and light-absorbing properties. It increases the brightness of your skin by removing harmful free radicals in your cells and controls oxidative stress that kills off cells.

We believe your skin can be filled with vigour and made more luminous.
With many years of experience and research, we developed ZÉLL-V Phytogreen to improve the health and increase the activity of your cells to reveal your skin’s natural luminousity. Brighter and more radiant skin can be possible.

Brighter and more radiant skin can be possible
See and feel the difference in 14 days.

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